About Us

The Kimball Township Fire Department and the Kimball Firefighters Association.

There is a long tradition of volunteerism in the United States starting from before the inception of our great nation. Among the oldest and currently most active are the Fire Brigades and Volunteer Fire Department. The Kimball Township Fire Department follows in the long standing belief that we, as a community must strive to take care of our own needs, as well as the needs of our neighbors. This is done with pride, dedication and a simple kind of selflessness that can only be understood by actually participating in the activities of the fire department. Kimball Township is a small community located in an unincorporated semi rural area of northeastern St. Clair County, Michigan. Kimball Townships population of approximately 9,000 residents. The Fire Department responds to its Residents and the residents of northeast St.Clair Township with a total area of approximately 90 square miles.

The Kimball Township Fire Department was started in 1951 as a response to structure fire losses in the community. The Port Huron Fire Department and Marysville Fire Department, fine fire departments in their own rights, were just too far away to respond quickly to this locale. Response times are crucial minutes in a fire or medical emergency.

The Kimball Township Fire Department is dispatched directly by St. Clair County Central Dispatch Authority through 911 system. The Department is staffed by up to 40 members who are all capable to respond with equipment to any location in the fire district. All members are trained Medical First Responders (MFR) or above, as well as Michigan State Firefighter I or higher certified.  The Kimball Township Fire Department responds to average of 800 incidents annually.

The Kimball Firefighters Association was developed as a separate fund-raising and complimentary organization to the fire department in 1996. The Association allocates the funds acquired through various fund-raising efforts.